hello, world.

hello, world.

my name is paulina.

i’ve been a creative, imaginative person for my entire life.

i’m in my mid-twenties now, and for the past six years, i fell out of the practice of creative, expressive writing. for the past six years i’ve traded my pen for a camera and have pursued my creativity via photography, a practice which literally means “writing with light.” but throughout this time, i’ve known deep down that i need to write with words, too. writing is a core expression of my being; my soul needs to write.

so, here i am.

i’m showing up here, for me, for you.

i want to share my stories with you, in the hopes that through my words, we can connect over shared experiences.

in addition to the full essays, stories, & poems i write here, you’ll find snippets & behind-the-scenes stories over on instagram @whereshewrites, and even extra goodness on my email list. to subscribe, click here or enter your email in the sidebar.

this is a place for the raw and the real.

thank you for being here with me.

it’s so nice to meet you.


November 14, 2018